What Are The Best Features to Look for in a Double Stroller?

Best Double Stroller

If you are reading double stroller reviews, definitely, you will discover that there are different products in the market. Each of the products comes with its unique features that differentiate it from other products. However, not all the features available are very useful and important to parents and the babies being pushed around. There are some features to look for in a double stroller when it is time for you to purchase one. Below are the important features to look for in a double stroller.

Easy storage

Though double strollers are designed to accommodate two kids, they are available in a number of designs and sizes. Some designs are very difficult to store or too large to fit into small storage space. If you don’t want to encounter any problem storing your double stroller, it is important that you consider ease-of-storage when you are making a choice. To determine the ease-of-storage of a double stroller, there are a number of factors that you should consider. First, you should check how the stroller folds. If it does not fold well, then you will find it difficult storing it. Another important factor to consider is the size of your car as well as its booth. If you have a small car, then you will look for a size that will fit into your car. You should also consider the available storage space in your home as well as the size of your door. If you have no space issue, you can buy a stroller of any size you want.

Snack trays

The snack tray is an important feature that should be available in any good double stroller as it is evident in many double stroller reviews. As implicit from the name, this tray is meant for the serving of snacks and foods to the babies sitting on the seats. The position of the tray is normally in the front. However, there are some designs that have the trays on the back of the seats. The number of snack trays available in a double stroller depends on the design of a double stroller. Some have two trays for the kids while some have one tray serving both kids. There are some designs that have an extra snack tray for the parents.

Storage space

A good double stroller normally come with a space for the storage of items that both the babies and the parents will require during their stroll or trip. Some designs come with cup holders as well as a storage basket normally located underneath the seat. The diaper bag, shopping bag, purse, water bottle and the likes can be kept inside it. The size of the storage space differs from products to products. So, if you want a large storage space, then you should consider buying a type that has a large storage basket.

Reclinable seats

Reclinable seats are preferred to static seats. If your double stroller comes with reclinable seats, then you can set it to suit the seating position of your child. If your babies are feeling sleepy, you can set it to lie flat. You can also raise up the seats so that your child will be able to see clearly.

All-terrain wheels

The nature of the wheels of double strollers are not the same. There are some that can be used only on tarred or smooth surfaces. However, there are some that can be used in both smooth and rough surfaces. It is good to purchase a design that can be used in all terrains such as gravel, big bumps, snow and grass so that you will be able to move your babies anywhere you like.


Canopies are important in double stroller. They protect the babies from element of weather such as rain, snow, dust and sun. However, you should check the quality and features available in the canopy. There are some canopies that come with peek-a-boo window to enable parents to monitor their babies without opening the canopy.

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